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BET Chair’s Tie-Breaking Vote Means Decision on Funding Greenwich Ave Intersection Improvements is Postponed

Several Republican members of the BET questioned whether Greenwich Avenue was even out of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Karen Fassuliotis said the ADA law included a “Safe Harbor” clause meant that if there was compliance with the 1991 ADA or 2010 ADA standards for curb cuts, it wasn’t necessary to upgrade them when there is repaving. Continue Reading →

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BOE May Hire Attorney for Second Opinion on Wetmore ‘Section 99 Memo’ Delaying CMS Timeline

BOE members balked at being advised they couldn’t seek a second opinion. Meanwhile, the building committee did not want to “pause” to focus on just the MI approval process, but rather to proceed with both design documents as part of the “study and survey” process and the MI approval. Continue Reading →

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BET’s “Ugly, Messy Conversation” on Discontinuing OGS Independent Cost Estimator Project

The BET met Monday and the agenda included a motion presented by Democratic member Leslie Moriarty to discontinue the Old Greenwich School cost estimate project. Mr. Ramer said the process had become tainted because one member of the BET had talked to a bidder. Continue Reading →

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