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Cardinal Critics Review Mix Creative Kitchen: A Refreshing Take On Health Food

Mix Creative Kitchen brings a cool atmosphere and nutritious offerings in a location that is hard to beat. The Critics got to try Sesame Ginger Stir Fry bowl and the Smokey Southwest salad. Both meals were quite different than what the Critics were used to, but they absolutely loved them. Continue Reading →

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GHS Senior, Kai Sherwin Appears Live on MSNBC. Sums Up Student Mock Presidential Election

MSNBC, Kai Sherwin - Greenwich Free Press

Nearly 300,000 students, in grades 4-12 from around the country cast their votes in the mock election, which has been conducted since 1992.

The mock election is especially significant because students have accurately predicted the presidential election outcome for the past five presidential elections. Continue Reading →

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Cardinal Critics Review Garden Catering: Unmatched Selection and Quality

For their second review, the Cardinal Critics visit the newly-renovated Garden Catering on Hamilton Avenue in Chickahominy. The GHS senior each had their favorites. Kai loved the Green-wich Wedge (chicken, maza, garlic butter wedge, and pesto). Drew devoured the Garden Wrap (nuggets, cones, cheese, honey mustard). Spencer especially enjoyed the Special (nuggets, fries, and cones). Continue Reading →

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