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Tod Laudonia Outlines Vision for Greenwich First Selectman Run

A third Republican candidate for Greenwich First Selectman has emerged. Tod Laudonia is a longtime Greenwich resident and has been a licensed real estate broker since 1980. He served as the Town’s Tax Collector from 2009 to 2017. Mr. Laudonia, who has been interviewed by the RTC search committee, joins Republicans Mike Mason (BET member and former chair) and State Rep Fred Camillo (District 151) as hopefuls for the job. To date Granit  Balidemaj, Joe Kelly and Dan Quigley have announced candidacies for Republican selectman. Continue Reading →

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Nantucket Project Packs its Headquarters for Panel Discussion On Civility

“The challenges of incivility and polarization are distressing problems in today’s landscape. Finding “common ground” demands listening and that can’t easily be done when participants are shouting at each other in anger and frustration.” – The Nantucket Project Continue Reading →

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Dita Bhargava: Thank You Voters of Greenwich

“Fred kicked-off his campaign in Greenwich this September with Donald Trump’s son, Eric, and publicly stated that he planned on voting for Trump even in the aftermath of the Access Hollywood tape. He then spent the rest of his campaign arguing that his support for Trump had no relevance to the race. That was a political calculation by Fred, and I was not prepared to let that tactic go unnoticed.” – Dita Bhargava Continue Reading →

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