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Just a Few Months until Opening of Greenwich Pool in Byram Park

Parks & Rec director Joe Siciliano said when the pool opens in late may or early June, the intent is to have some swim lessons, aerobics, lap swimming and day camps, but not initially. “We want people to be able to come and have the experience of using it,” he said. Continue Reading →

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UPDATE: Pedestrian Conscious After Being Hit by Car in Byram, Suffers Serious Head Injuries

Lt. Gray said Greenwich Police, Greenwich Fire Dept and GEMS all responded and quickly attended to the injuries of a woman who was hit by a small passenger car. Investigation will include witness statements, physical evidence and video from merchants in the area that depict some of the accident. Continue Reading →

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Marzullo Hears Byram’s Gripes: Eyesores, New Leb Kindergarten, Pool and Hamill Ice Rink

At Byram Schubert Library, residents’ list of concerns included the Byram Pool, BANC and New Leb kindergarten satellite classrooms, blighted properties, and a perceived lack of attention from the Town. Marzullo said that what’s good for Byram is good for the Town of Greenwich. Continue Reading →

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Byram Ink: Turning Away Teens, Warning Against “Scratchers”

By Leslie Yager
Jose Ponce and Joe Campagna tell some good stories. There was the father who brought his 12-year-old son to the shop for a tattoo, only to be declined. Though by state law, customers under 18 can get a tattoo with the explicit permission of a parent or guardian — guardianship must be verified by a notary — the artists at Byram Ink exercise their discretion. In the case of the 12-year old, Campagna said he felt 12 was too young, and said so to the father. “I told him the boy won’t like the same things when he’s 18. Continue Reading →

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