CROW: Reproductive health care includes abortion and contraception

Submitted by Trevor Crow, Democratic Candidate for State Senate District 36

What a shock to learn that the Texas Supreme Court has overturned a lower court order allowing an abortion for a pregnant woman whose fetus has a terminal chromosomal abnormality. Kate Cox, at 20 weeks pregnant, has been forced to leave the state of Texas to obtain reproductive health care because her own life may be at risk.

Putting anyone through such a devastating experience while pregnant with an nonviable fetus is sadistic. Yet this is happening in the United States of America.

Governor Lamont has issued an invitation to Cox to come to CT to receive a legal and safe medical intervention.

Thankfully we live somewhere that provides medically sound, safe reproductive health care to our residents  and those of other states, because we have a Democratic majority. Yet Republicans in our state senate have introduced over 40 pieces of legislation to chip away at our abortion rights since 2014, so that safety is not settled.

Reproductive health care includes abortion, contraception, and all other medically sound practices that people with uteruses need to survive and thrive. That is what a  Democratic majority stands for: protecting all human rights.

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