GHS Model UN Team Seeks New Members at the Annual Club Fair

After a successful Model United Nations summer camp, the GHS MUN team looks ready for another great year.

On Wednesday, August 28, Greenwich High School will hold its annual club fair to introduce this year’s incoming freshman class to the school’s 100+ student groups. The club fair, along with the club’s summer camp, is one of the biggest sources of new members each year.

Akshay Joglekar, one of the club’s co-Presidents, commented that he looks forward to working with the rising freshmen from the summer camp but also expects many new faces in the club during the high school’s club fair.

“Last year we had 75 new sign ups on that first day of school. It’s amazing to see so many people excited about joining a club that has shaped my life over the past four years,” Akshay said.

The GHS MUN team will be competing at the Princeton, Harvard, and George Washington conferences this year, as well as hosting one in the fall for newer members. Underclassmen from New Canaan High School, Darien High School, and more will also be in attendance.

Matthew Meyers, one of the Vice Presidents, added, “Each year we get more people to come to GHSMUN, and this year we’ll have schools from New York coming as well. The club has grown so much in the past five years, and it’s really exciting to see where it’s headed in the next five as new members join.”

The groups that Greenwich High School brought to the conferences last year were the largest in its history. This year, it is expecting to take delegations of more than 45 students from all grades.