Tony Turner Resigns as Chair of Greenwich DTC Citing New By-Laws Disallowing Dual Office Holding

The Greenwich Democratic Town Committee announced that Tony Turner has officially resigned his position as chairman of the Democratic Town Committee effective May 31, 2019.

In his statement, Turner said that in light of the new by-laws expected to go into effect in August, one of which no longer allows dual office holding, he is setting the example.

“Rather than waiting until August to make a decision on which office to continue with—DTC or BET, it’s best that I choose now so the Democratic Party is not later distracted by searching for a new chairman vs winning every position in
the very important municipal election in November,” Turner said. “Additionally, chairs of a political party really shouldn’t be candidates too due to inherent conflicts of interest.”

Turner, elected chair in March 2018, has been instrumental in increasing the profile of Democrats in Greenwich. In that time, the Greenwich DTC set new records in fundraising, volunteer participation, number and variety of community events, voter registration, electioneering workshops and electing themost Democrats ever.

“Chairing the DTC has been a great privilege for me,” Turner said in his statement. “I am especially proud of all we have accomplished through teamwork during my tenure, including having Democrats elected as our State Senator, a House Representative, Tax Collector and majority control of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, some of which are the first time in decades, if ever.”

Gina Gladstein, Vice Chair, speaking on behalf of The Executive Committee of the DTC said, “We owe Tony an enormous debt of gratitude. Thanks to his tireless effort and leadership the number of registered Democrats has increased and our party is more invigorated than ever.”

The Executive Committee will start interviewing candidates to fill the chair position. In the interim period, Gina Gladstein will serve as interim chair.