P&Z Watch: Extension to 2023 Granted for Multi-Family Development Approved in 2013

At the most recent P&Z meeting John Heagney represented applicants seeking an extension of time to finish constructing five 2-family dwellings in downtown Greenwich.

The development is at 187, 189 & 199 Davis Ave, which is in the R6 zone.

These are three through-lots that extend to LeGrande Ave.

The final site plan and special permit were approved back in 2013.

The project is to demolish three existing dwellings and construct five (5) new duplex units, totaling 24,642 sq ft on a 1.034-acre property.

Phase 1 is completed with two 2-families units having received TCOs. They front onto LeGrande Ave, which is up a steep hill from where the remainder of dwellings will be constructed. According to Compass, 32 Le Grande unit 2 is rented for $10,500 a month.

“We are here looking for a little more time to finish out a project that the commission approved back in 2013. We are at three through lots which have been merged between Davis Ave and Le Grand Ave. Were were approved for five 2-unit buildings. Were were able to construct two of the five that front onto Le Grande Ave. And we seek additional time to construct he final three that will be along Davis Ave.”

Attorney John Heagney

Phase two of the project will include the demolition of the existing buildings on Davis Ave and construction of the remaining three two-unit buildings.

The R-6 zone regulations have changed since the site plan and special permit approval back in July of 2013, so the project would be legally non-conforming once completed.

This extension is the second for the project. In June 2016 the commission granted a 3-year extension to start construction by July 30, 2019 and a 5-year extension to complete the work by July 30, 2021.

The extension to July 30, 2023 reflects the maximum time allowed for extension, per Sec. 6-14.1.2.

The commission closed the item and voted to approve the extension to July 30, 2023.

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189 Davis Ave. The units completed on LeGrande are visible up the hill.
The applicant completed the first phase of the project by constructing two of the five two-unit buildings along Le Grande Ave.
Dwelling and barn on Davis Ave will be demolished to make way for Phase 2 of a multi family development approved back in 2013.
Dwelling and barn on Davis Ave will be demolished to make way for Phase 2 of a multi family development approved back in 2013.
Two 2-family dwellings that front to Le Grande Ave viewed from Davis Ave.