YNET Packs Joey B’s with Fans of YNET, the Teen Dating Abuse Awareness Club and the Fans of Delicious Food

UPDATE: YNET raised $1,149.00 on Tuesday night during A fundraiser at Joey B’s.

WGCH and YNET with Fred and Dom and Lu

Cockwise from back left: Marty Sheehan (WGCH), State Rep Fred Camillo, Shelley Newman (WGCH), Dom and Lu Delfino of Joey B’s, YNET’s Grace Polistina and Noah Roth (WGCH) all enjoy a fundraiser for the teen dating abuse awareness club at Greenwich High School, Feb. 2, 2016 Credit: Leslie Yager

Original story: On Tuesday afternoon, Dom and Lu Delfino, owners of Joey B’s in Cos Cob hosted a fundraiser for the YNET Club at GHS. The club, which  promotes awareness of Teen Dating Abuse, has grown tremendously in recent years.

YNET, which includes boys and girls, strives to educate teens that there is no “type” of person who winds up in an abusive dating relationship. In fact, according to Lily McKenna and Grace Polistina, anyone can find themselves in an abusive relationship, no matter how smart or self-confident they are.

Polistina said that the club, which operates out of GHS but is under the auspices of the YWCA of Greenwich, hosted a “Bring your friends day” last week and a lot of boys came to the meeting. She said that the club publicized the meeting with flyers all around school in addition to morning announcements.


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Polistina, who is one of five members of the executive committee, is passionate about the importance of her club.

“No matter how educated you are, you can still find yourself in an abusive relationship because the signs at the start are never apparent,” she said. “There is the honeymoon phase in a new relationship, followed by tension, and later by an explosion.”

McKenna said that that with an abusive relationship, it always starts off good. “You have an emotional attachment and then you love the person. Then the person apologizes and the victim thinks they can change the abuser, but they can’t.”

“They feel entitled,” YNET club advisor Yajaira Gonzalez said, referring to abusers. “It’s learned behavior.”

The YWCA Greenwich domestic abuse services 24 hour hotline is (230) 622-0003. The National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline is 1-866-331-9474. Live chat at www.loveisrespect.org

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Fred and Paul

Fred Camillo and Paul Romanchuk, neighbors from way back on Orchard Street in Cos Cob, enjoying a party at Joey B’s on Tuesday. Feb 2, 2016

dom lu and olivia

Dominick and Lu Delfino with YNET’s Olivia Luntz at the restaurant fundraiser for the club Feb. 2, 2106 Credit Leslie Yager

Paul and Gary

From the Cos Cob Riders, Paul Romanchuk and Gary Lee Chee participated in the fundraiser for YNET at Joey B’s. Credit: Leslie Yager


Lily McKenna, Emmanuelle Passemart, Leah Common and Zoe Hartog behind the counter at Joey B’s for the YNET Club’s fundraiser, Feb. 2, 2106. Credit: Leslie Yager

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.13.52 PM

Dom Delfino, Olivia Luntz, Lu Delfino, Jessica Spitzer, Lily McKenna and Emmanuelle Passemart having fun at Joey B’s in Cos Cob, Feb 2, 2016 Credit Leslie Yager


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