LETTER: Coming Soon, Greenwich’s Right Wing Reality TV Show

Update: the list of signatories inadvertently left off some of the following names when it was originally published on Jan 24, 2019.

Letter to the editor from Augusta Perrin, Joanna Swomley, Phyllis Alexander, Jean Bergstresser, Richard Bergstresser and Lynne Rohrer, Mary Ellen Markowitz, Lucy von Brachel, Andrew Winston, Harald Hille, and Sally Turner submitted Jan 24, 2019

Carl Higbie and Peter Tesei were serious? Well in that case, thank you but no thank you, we have to stay home and wash our hair. See, we thought this was a joke, a media spectacle of a right wing circle of fawning mutual admiration, promising fireworks as a panel of right wing media light weight commentators and someone named David faced off.

On the right side of the ring, we have Carl Higbie, a former Navy Seal, Greenwich resident, and aspiring shock jock radio host formerly employed by the Trump Administration until he was deemed too racist. He claims to have reformed his abhorrent views, but according to his recent Twitter feed, transsexuals aren’t real.

Also, Tom Borelli, fellow Greenwich resident, whose job appears to be retweeting Fox News outrage du jour on whatever they’re using to distract the public from the fact President Trump has forced 800,000 federal employees into indentured servitude and intentionally separated thousands of children from their families at the border, many permanently.

On the left we have Cathy Areu, a Fox News commentator that Tucker Carlson ‘debates’ when he wants to look smart. Her specialty is hard hitting topics such as Melania’s Christmas decorations and whether practicing yoga makes white women racist. According to her, it does! Why is she being billed as “on the left?”

And then there is someone named David Stevenson, a Democratic Socialist. He is a real estate agent from Danbury. Did he get lost?

If Republican-elected officials like Fred Camillo and Peter Tesei were serious about having a bipartisan discussion, we would think they could do better than Carl Higbie. And you would think they would include an array of people from the other side of the aisle, perhaps someone from the Democratic Party, or one of their new local democratic state reps.

They didn’t, because this isn’t a serious event. It’s the kick off to the redemption tour of a man who, at his core to this day, holds noxious views that should be repugnant to all.

If Peter Tesei and Fred Camillo want to embrace and legitimize this man by lauding him at Town Hall, well, we don’t like it, and we won’t be tuning in. And if elected Republican officials want to turn Greenwich into a reality TV show, or worse Charlottesvillle, then the community needs to show up on Election Day and vote them out of office.


Augusta Perrin
Joanna Swomley
Phyllis Alexander
Jean Bergstresser
Richard Bergstresser
Lynne Rohrer
Mary Ellen Markowitz
Lucy von Brachel
Andrew Winston
Harald Hille
Sally Turner