Kaliko to Frantz: Andrew McDonald Eminently Qualified to Be Chief of the CT Supreme Court

Open Letter to Senator Scott Frantz submitted by Joe Kaliko, March 24, 2018

Dear Senator Frantz:

I have had the distinct honor of serving on the CT Bioscience Advisory Committee from its inception until last year.  I was appointed originally by then Senator Minority Leader John McKinney; and reappointed by current Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano.

Senator, you were instrumental in my being able to secure these appointments, particularly my being a Democrat.

I will be forever grateful to you extending to me the opportunity to serve the people of Connecticut.

Senator, I am asking you to consider or perhaps reconsider appointing Andrew McDonald as Chief of the CT Supreme Court.

My reasoning is simple.

1) He is eminently qualified.  I know this first hand being a lawyer for 35 years; and having worked with Andrew since he worked in Stamford on the board of finance and later when he served as Governor Malloy’s Counsel.

2) Andrew has done a wonderful job serving on the Supreme Court. Agree with his decisions or not, they were well reasoned and found support from other members of the court.

3) Lastly, the offer of Governor Malloy to now nominate Judge Roraback to the Supreme Court to fill Andrew’s vacancy is simply a wonderful turn of events.

Connecticut wins all around.

Senator, I implore you for the good of the people of Connecticut and to have these two brilliant minds on the court, please vote to confirm Andrew McDonald as Chief Judge of the Supreme Court.

Please also urge members of your caucus to do so.

Judge Rorabach too will make a wonderful addition to the court.

Very Sincerely and Respectfully,

Joe Kaliko