Another Year, Another Emphatic NO to HB 6726 Sec. 27 and Cruel Slaughter of Rabbits in Connecticut

Submitted by Sherry Wernicke, Riverside

Most CT residents probably have no idea that a few people including the Department of Agriculture are trying to push through a bill, SB 196, that would allow a farmer to breed and slaughter rabbits for food. The bill has been brought up in the past but has failed due to great opposition, but here they are trying again.

During hearings, major organizations and many individuals spoke out in opposition to opening up a rabbit meat market in CT. Even by their own admission, the DoAG doesn’t know if a market exists. But they are willing to horrifically slaughter thousands of rabbits to find out what we already know…IT DOESN’T! In fact, Whole Foods attempted to sell rabbit meat but stopped due to consumer complaints and lack of sales.

Rabbits are the third most common companion animal behind cats and dogs. Industry leaders like Petco and PetSmart no longer sell rabbits and instead, include them in adoption programs. And there has been an increase in laws protecting the welfare of rabbits in some states and cities. Why would people in CT now want to have them slaughtered for dinner?

In addition, there are serious viral threats that jump the species barrier including to humans, that the overcrowded and stressful conditions perpetuate. Not to mention, there is the highly transmissible and fatal rabbit hemorrhagic disease spreading across the country. Oh, and I also bet you didn’t know that federal regulations DO NOT require that rabbits be rendered insensible to pain before slaughter and the same applies to chicken.

Please contact State Senator Ryan Fazio ([email protected] or 800-842-1421) and ask him to strongly oppose this new form of cruel factory farming. You should also let your State Rep know where you stand on this issue, too.

This legislation would take a giant step backwards in CT’s humane treatment of animals and contribute to the pollution our air, land and waterways. Please say an emphatic NO to the cruel slaughter of rabbits in this state. Thank you.

Sherry Wernicke, Riverside