North Mianus School and Cos Cob School Plan Fundraiser for Mine Detection Dog Named in Honor of Emily Fedorko

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The students of North Mianus School and Cos Cob School are teaming up to raise money to support CHAMPS.

CHAMPS – The Children Against Mines Program – is a student-lead program of The Marshall Legacy Institute, a non-profit, international organization.

The goal of the program is to protect people in mine-affected countries by training detection dogs to sniff out landmines for safe removal. Landmines are an extremely dangerous threat.

One thousand people are involved in landmine accidents every month, roughly one victim every 40 minutes. Most victims are killed.

For many years, students across Greenwich have learned about the devastating effects that landmines still pose to children living around the world. Some schools have had the chance to Skype with students living in mine affected countries.

Many schools have had a visit from a retired mine detection dog along with an assembly about CHAMPS and have done their own fundraising to support the CHAMPS organization.

On Sunday, April 24, from 9:00-12:00, the students of North Mianus and Cos Cob are hosting CHAMPathon to help raise money and get them closer to their goal of $25,000 (the cost of a mine detection dog).

This year the students are raising money to fund MDD (Mine Detection Dog) Emily, named in honor of former North Mianus student Emily Fedorko. CHAMPathon will be held at Bruce Park (Woods Rd) and will include a dog walk (all are welcome, with or without a dog), games, pets contests, and a picnic lunch. You can bring your own lunch and there will be food vendors available. Community members are encouraged to attend the event, rain or shine, and stroll around the trail learning facts about landmines and mine detection dogs. There will also be games

for children and pet contests. There is a suggested donation of $10. If community members would like to help support CHAMPS, but are unable to attend the walk, checks (made out to the Marshall Legacy Institute) or cash can be delivered to North Mianus School.

The whole community is invited come and support these students and the fight against landmines. This is the schedule for the morning. The event includes two walks to allow more people to participate:

9:00am Registration

9:30am Walk #1

10:15am Contest 1 (Pet look-alike contest)

10:30am Walk #2

11:00am Picnic Lunch

11:00am Contest 2 (Best pet trick)

11:30am Contest 3 (Champ dog – cutest dog)

9:00am-12:00pm Games, find out about CHAMPS


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