Talented Greenwich 13 -Year-Old Baker Drums up Sweet Business for Charity

Written by Lily Osgan and Ryan Podber, GHS class of 2022

Rising Greenwich eighth grader Khushi Choudhary displayed her impressive talent at her pop-up bakery in Riverside on Monday afternoon.

Greenwich Free Press interns Lily Osgan and Ryan sampled Khushi Choudhary’s treats. May 16, 2022 Photo: Duncan Frazer

Khushi has only been selling baked goods since March, but she has already curated quite the clientele. She advertises through Instagram, flyers, the connections of friends and family, and her own website. Khushi elaborates on this by declaring her family’s continued support of her business.

“My mom reaches out to people through Facebook, and my sisters both help out a lot,” she said. “My younger sister does a ton of marketing. She knows all the flavors by heart.”

This was evident on Monday, as both Khushi’s older sister, Tavishi and younger sister Rajsi stood enthusiastically at Khushi’s display table. 

“Baked by Khushi” treats on display at Monday’s pop-up bakery. Photo Duncan Frazer

With the help of her family combined with her incredible talent, Khushi’s business is booming.

A swarm of children on their way home from school flooded her pop-up, all eager to jump into the myriad of treats. What makes these sweets so attractive aside from just how delicious they are is their exquisite designs. Khushi disclosed that she is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her designs due to her artistic interests.

“I’m really interested in art,” she said. “We even have an art room in my house.”

Khushi’s talent is apparent in the lovely appearance of her creations, topped with masterful frosting swirls and colorful sprinkles. 

It was over quarantine when Khushi began this baking journey. She explained “My mom didn’t like me eating all the packaged sweets… so I began baking my own.”

Khushi is completely self-taught, and says that she has perfected her recipes, which she makes herself, through an abundance of practice. She has been attending school online for a year and will continue to do so, giving her lots of time to hone her craft.

Her mother added, “she has not been able to go out for so long, this is like her release.” Khushi spends about an hour to three hours on each creation, varying on whether it is a batch of cupcakes, cookies, or a single cake; she said that she bakes, “as much as possible.” 

However, all her hard work is not in vain. Khushi gives a whopping 80% of her revenue to a charity of choice each month, totaling about $1700 out of approximately $2000 in April alone. This incredible generosity has helped fund relief programs for children in Ukraine and Kids in Crisis. Khushi’s mother added, “The choice of charities were completely her own.”

Khushi makes this money partially through her delightful pop-ups, but also through orders online, and large orders for events.

She has baked for birthdays, a babyshower, and much more. Khushi expressed that she liked orders for events, going on to say, “they’re kind of special because when customers look back on that memory, they’ll see what I made.”

To order online, visit her user-friendly and professional website:www.bakedbykhushi.com, which she designed all by herself.