MOMTOURAGE: Hello, and Modern Day Mom-ing!

Hello, Greenwich, Moms!

We are Momtourage Media! Circa 2008, about 20 new moms met at Greenwich Hospital and formed a mom’s group. Because it was such a pivotal time in our lives when we met, we were able to remain close and share so much parenting information back and forth. We met for weekly playdates, went on field trips, went out for moms nights, and became friends.

Fast forward to now, we have realized that most moms out there do not have this type of group to lean on or this sounding board that we were so fortunate to have. So we want to share it with you! We hope you enjoy our first post- Modern-day Mom-ing!

Modern-day Mom-ing!

Hello, there modern-day moms! November is here, and we are back to the GRIND!

Do you work full or part-time? Or have an unpaid position employed by your children and husband?

Have children and a husband that need your attention?

Pets to feed and take care of?

A house to upkeep (call me the groundskeeper!)? We are not just talking about cleaning it (yes, some help there, but still impossible to maintain with three humans and four animals always making messes, not sure which ones are worse – humans or animals?).

Are you managing it too (impossible, good thing, my friends are not judgemental!)?

Endless laundry (run those machines 24/7 still have not had a point where there was no dirty or unfolded laundry)?


Dinners to cook (thank goodness for GrubHub, and Uber Eats, right?)?

Food shopping (why is that place always packed and the parking lot filled with folks who find driving a challenge?)?

Are you the inventory control specialist at your home? Do you have enough soap? Paper towels? etc.?

Volunteering at the PTA (Wait, what did I get myself into? Working for free?)? Or other various and worthy organizations that you support?

Are you driving your kids to countless activities that they either do or do not want to attend?

On top of all of this, are you a good friend?

Do you maintain your friendships?

Do you reply to all of your emails and texts?

Do you make sure your children are 1.) doing well in school, 2.) making friends? 3.) reaching their full potential?

Are you checking in with your husband to offer love and support?

Are you the resident nurse or doctor at your home?

Let’s face it, ladies, we’ve evolved. And we are doing A LOT more than ever now! But how do we balance it all? Idk. We DO!! Pun intended. Like the energizer bunny, I guess we keep going and going, and sometimes we need a little love & support along the way! And that is how Momtourage Media came to Fruition!

Please send us your parenting & mom-related questions, and we will do our very best to answer them honestly, thoughtfully, humorously (if it applies), and through crowd-sourcing!

Our team of close-knit moms has you covered from pregnancy to tweens and beyond! We are here to let you know; you are not alone. We are all just trying to be the best mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and everything else we can be!
And if you do not have any questions at the moment, keep reading our articles filled with valuable information that has helped us along our parenting journey! We look forward to sharing information with helpful and slightly humorous advice because let’s face it if you can’t laugh, you’ll most definitely cry!

The moms at Momtourage Media!

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