DADAKIS: Comradery at District 1 Polling Place, No Nastiness

Letter to the editor from Ed Dadakis

My congratulations to Monica Prihoda on her re-election to Greenwich’s RTM.  I was also delighted to hear that at her polling place, District 6, everything was peaceful and respectful.

I spent a few hours at my polling place in District 1 where I ran into Leslie Yager.  I am a Republican and very much enjoyed the comradery I, and my fellow Republicans, shared with those manning the Democrat polling tables.  We laughed together, we compared thoughts on how the campaign was going for our respective candidates, discussed our RTM candidate lists – in most cases we were supporting each other – and shared Snickers along with other snacks together.  I saw not a hint of the nastiness that Ms. Prihoda claims was out there and, of course, she admits she didn’t witness it either.

I love electioneering at the polls.  I get to meet the voters, spend time with my fellow Republicans and have always enjoyed the bon mots with the Democrats.  They are great people.  Its fun.  And that’s the way it should be and, for me, this week that’s the way it was.

Edward D Dadakis
RTM District 1