MOMTOURAGE: Tales of Horror from the Laundry Room

My family has a problematic sock situation. Does yours? It’s been going on since my firstborn. Now that we have four young kids, the socks have multiplied by the hundreds in every color, shape, and size. It makes my time spent in the laundry room that much more daunting, if that’s even possible.

I’ve tried multiple ways to tackle this problem! Getting the kids involved and having a “whoever matches the most socks wins” contest. I’ve attempted to toss some of them. I’ve tried buying the same socks for each person; I always buy those black ankle socks from Costco. No matter what I try, it seems that there are always socks missing and still a ton of leftovers when I’m through matching.

There are the newborn socks, which I’m convinced will one day turn up, and I’ll file them into a cute little memory box that I’ll savor for years to come.

There are my husband’s work socks, one half missing for years, but are too fancy, essential, and soft to just give up on now.

There are the trampoline park socks (you know what I’m talking about!). The ones that you are always charged for, that you usually forget when you go anyway, but the ones that you can’t possibly toss out in case the other ones show up.

Then there are the ski socks, half socks, slip-proof socks, gifted and free socks, playdate socks (aka socks leftover from unidentified little friends), and small mittens that somehow get mixed in with socks.

And don’t get me started on black socks. They all look the same; they’re like a big black hole that I can’t climb out of.

For the time being, and until I can get a better grasp on some sort of resolution to this, all socks go into one large laundry basket, if you need socks and are lucky enough to find a match it’s a good day!

One thing is sure, though: spring and summer are coming, which means fewer socks (hurray!) and more time for matching in my free time.

So if you see my kids wearing mismatched socks as mittens, or wearing their mom’s socks during gym class one day, now you know why. So don’t judge, we must all be in this sock crisis together!

Rock ’em sock ’em,

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