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Yale New Haven Health System Update: Covid-19 Vaccinations Rolling Smoothly; Outreach to People of Color; Dispelling Myths

“”The pharma companies say they are manufacturing a lot of this, and for reasons that are hard to track, we’re not sure where is it and why aren’t we getting more.” – Marna Borgstrom, CEO, Yale New Haven Health System Continue Reading →

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Lamont on Start of CT Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution: A Significant Step, Not a Silver Bullet; 81 Dead over Weekend

“I think every day you’re going to see somebody like Dr. Grant who took the vaccine. There were no side effects. He felt good. He feels safer. And I think that’s what it will take to get from 60, to 70, to 80, to 90 percent of the people willing to get this vaccine on a timely basis.” – Ned Lamont Continue Reading →

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