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No-Excuses Absentee Voting Gets Approval from Senator Kasser; Measure Heads to Voters in 2024 after One More Vote

In November 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and after legislative Democrats allowed for people to vote from home to avoid contracting COVID-19, more than a third of all the ballots cast in Connecticut were cast by absentee: 650,000 out of 1.8 million ballots cast. Continue Reading →

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Senator Kasser Leads Senate Passage of Domestic Violence Bill

State Senator Alex Kasser on Tuesday led the state Senate in the debate and passage of a bill that expands the definition of domestic violence in civil law to include non-violent abuse, also known as “coercive control.”
The bill passed the Senate in an 35-1 vote and now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration. Continue Reading →

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Senator Kasser’s Stance on Zoning

“There’s a tremendous amount of outrage and media coverage about the zoning bill in particular. Why? Because Republicans are making it a lightning rod issue to stir fear and create anxiety. We’ve seen this strategy before on a host of other issues.” – State Senator Alex Kasser Continue Reading →

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Ryan Fazio Announces Candidacy for State Senate 36th District

“Middle class families in our district and state have seen zero real income growth over decades. Regular people are hurting. And they are hurting because of the failures of our policies and of our state government…Connecticut has the second-highest tax and debt burden in the country and newly elected officials made the problem worse last year by raising taxes by billions and imposing even more red tape on workers.” – Ryan Fazio Continue Reading →

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