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ONS orthopedic surgeons to discuss joint replacement at April 4 Seminar

Three ONS total joint replacement specialists will discuss the exciting developments in shoulder, hip and knee replacements that result in faster recovery and fewer complications. They will be joined by members of the hospital’s Joint Replacement program, who will discuss anesthesia, pain management and rehabilitation. Continue Reading →

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Where Injuries are Inevitable in Sports, Experts Say Beware of the Slippery Slope to Addiction

“”This paradigm that pain is not acceptable … it is not a badge of honor any more,” Sethi said. “We know if you request refills of your pain medication, the chances of being hooked a year later substantially increase. …as soon as some of these really vulnerable athletes get a feel for these medications, it’s an a-ha, it’s an escape for them.” – Dr. Paul Sethi, ONS Continue Reading →

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Aging and Exercise: Is fitness the new fountain of youth? Presented by Marc Kowalsky, MD and Robert Spatz, PT, of ONS

Even for people who haven’t led a particularly active life, evidence suggests it’s never too late to start to receive the benefits of being fit.

Anyone interested in healthy aging should attend this informative talk given by sports medicine specialist, Marc Kowalsky, MD, a shoulder, elbow and knee surgeon with ONS, who will address the challenges of maintaining fitness as the body ages and offer practical solutions to get beyond the aches and pains of aging to lead an active lifestyle. Continue Reading →

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ONS Doctors to Talk Sports Injury Training, Injury Management & Prevention at Greenwich Hospital

ONS sports specialists Paul Sethi, MD and Katherine Vadasdi, MD will present Back to School Sports Safety at Greenwich Hospital.

Among the topics they will discuss are safe sports training techniques, injury prevention and management, gender-specific injuries and the dangers and growing use of performance enhancing substances among teen athletes. Continue Reading →

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