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MacInspires Uses 3D Printing to Create Personal Protective Equipment for Frontline Workers

Face shields are made of plastic shields connected to a filament band and worn over the head by healthcare workers.

Aerosol boxes, which are a new technology, are plexiglass boxes worn over a patient’s head. They add another layer of protection between the infected patient and the staff. Continue Reading →

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MacInspires Tech Tips: Facebook Privacy

“It is important to note Facebook does not own the content you post on their site, but by signing up you are allowing them to use your content in a non-exclusive fashion. In short this means they have the right to share your posts, photos and such throughout the site unless you otherwise restrict them from doing so in your privacy settings….Recently Facebook has added a friendly, easy-to-access menu with key privacy items for one to review.” – Travis Sluss, Founder, MacInspires Continue Reading →

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