Downtown Neighborhood Loses Power after Mylar Balloon Hits Lines, Cause Explosion

About 6:00am on Sunday, downtown residents were awakened by an explosion near the southern intersection of Connecticut Ave and Milbank Ave.

The explosion was followed by a power outage.

Eversoure sent crews and Greenwich Police closed Milbank Ave to traffic.

According to Eversource spokesperson Matt Chagnon, power went out for 650 customers and was restored around 8:30am.

Contributed photo of explosion and fire around 6:00am on Milbank Ave near the southern intersection of Connecticut Ave.

Chagnon said the cause of the explosion was Mylar balloons hitting one of the power lines.

“Mylar balloons are a safety issue,” he said. “We try to tell people about that on social media, posting photos and videos. When people tie them outside they can get loose and hit the lines.”

When loose Mylar balloons come into contact with power lines, they can cause explosions, power outages, downed power lines, and much more that can result in extremely dangerous risks to public safety.

Example of Mylar balloons causing an explosion: