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Expert Panel: “Living with Coyotes” Set for Feb 3 at Tod’s Point Innis Arden Cottage

Greenwich Conservation Commission and Greenwich Animal Control are hosting a talk on Living with Coyotes on Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 2:00 pm at the Floren Family Environmental Center at Innis Arden Cottage at Tod’s Point. The panel of experts includes Allyson Halm from New Canaan Animal Control and Chris Vann from CT DEEP. They will discuss the nature of coyotes and practical tips for homeowners and pet owners. The Commission will also distribute homeowner tool kits for living with coyotes. Free admission. Continue Reading →

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‘Coyote Safety Kits’ for Greenwich Residents Available on a Case by Case Basis

“Coyote Safety Kits” include “hazing” safety guidelines, reusable safety air blaster or air horn, mini-air blasters (for use while running or for kids), bear bell, whistle, reflective tape and “throw can” (a noisemaker that can be used to scare off coyotes from a distance). Continue Reading →

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Mountain Lion Sighting Reported Nearby in New Canaan [PHOTOS of Paw Prints]

According to New Canaan animal control officer Allyson Halm, formerly of Greenwich Animal Control, a cougar was reported as making its way through an unoccupied children’s swing set area in the New Canaan property’s backyard. The woman who notified officials described a three-foot-tall animal with a tan, a tail the length of its body that moved with “cat-like slinking,” Halm said. Continue Reading →

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