BOE to Hold Special Meeting on Options to Light Athletic Fields

Greenwich Schools Kim Eves released a message on Monday afternoon from Board of Education Chairman Peter Sherr concerning a location change for a meeting on Tuesday, Nov 14.

Dear Greenwich High School Families:

The Board of Education has been considering various options with regard to lighting the athletic fields at Greenwich High School, and will be holding a Special Meeting on Tuesday, November 14 at 6:15 pm at Central Middle School’s gymnasium (This represents a venue change from Julian Curtiss School)

At the meeting, the BOE will consider action on whether or not to proceed with litigation to modify the existing 2003 judgement concerning lighting on the Greenwich High School property.

The BOE will take public comment on this topic at the meeting.

Given that parents and other interested parties have already addressed the Board on this topic in other meetings, it is anticipated that the Board may reduce the allotted time for public comment to 30 minutes.

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