GPD: Man Trapped Under Car Exiting Old Greenwich Gables

On Saturday, Nov 11, a driver exiting the garage at Old Greenwich Gables ran over a man who was just outside the garage door.

According to Lt. Slusarz at Greenwich Police Dept, the driver, a woman, was driving out the exit from the condo complex when the incident took place early Saturday morning.

“The garage door goes up, she pulls out and there was a gentleman who was in front of the garage –  We don’t know if he was sitting, lying or kneeling tying his shoe or whatever,” Slusars said, adding, “She has a high profile car and didn’t see him. She pulled out and knocked him over and he tumbled underneath the car.”

Slusarz said the Fire Department had to come and put a balloon lift under the car to get him out.

Slusarz said the man suffered facial injuries, but not severe injuries.

The incident is under investigation.