March 5 Greenwich RTC Primary: “These things do happen on occasion”

“These things do happen on occasion. There may even be a few more of them this year. While we don’t have a huge number of them, in Stamford where they have 20 districts, 17 of their Democratic districts are having primaries next week on the same day Greenwich will have their five RTC primaries.” – Greenwich Republican Registrar of Voters, Fred DeCaro Continue Reading →

JILL KELLY: Republicans, vote for candidates who collaborate in a civilized respectful manner and know how to get things done

“I believe everyone has good in them, but there are just a few who are misguided. Some of those misguided people are running the Greenwich Republican Party at this time. It’s their way or the highway, and they are strongly trying to push a national agenda on our town, which most of us do not want.” – Jill Kelly Continue Reading →