Letter Re BOE 15-Year Master Plan: Tough Choices Ahead – Let’s Be Prepared!

“Greenwich is evaluating a major overhaul of its public schools. The Board of Education is proposing a “master plan” which could cost more than $1 billion over the next 15 years. Many have argued the Town has skimped on school CapEx over time, and now we must play catch up. This would more than double our rate of capital spending and increase taxes and debt dramatically.” – Brooks Harris Continue Reading →

This Valentine’s Day, Don’t Get Scammed Looking for Online Romance

“Romance scammers typically contact their victims through dating websites, apps or social media, often using fake profiles and even stolen credit card information. Using these false identities, scammers may spend months grooming their victims, building what is believed to be a loving relationship, before asking for money to handle an emergency or travel expenses. Continue Reading →