Grinchy Parents Cutting the Line Outside Hamill Rink Are “Inconsiderate and Rude”

Greenwich’s Hamill Rink in Byram is open with Covid-19 safety precautions, including a limit of just 25 people on the ice during public sessions, and up to 25 spectators in the stands.

Not everyone has a chance to skate. But it’s important in order to maintain social distancing.

That said, Greenwich resident Charlie Juergens, who has been bringing his children to the rink to skate, said he was surprised to see people holding places in line for friends and family.

He said holding places in line when capacity is severely limited was inconsiderate, rude and unfair.

“You have children waiting in the cold for a long time, to only be told the rink is full because of people holding spots for others,” he said.

Juergens said if one parent waits in line and then a spouse shows up with three children, four people who had been waiting behind them are bumped.

On Monday, there was a small paper signs taped to the entrance door of the rink saying, “You must be on line to hold your own place. NO holding places for others.”

Juergens said the single small sign was inadequate and there was no enforcement from staff.

He said he would like rink employees to be proactive and make an announcement to the crowd.

He’d also like to see additional signage, to “prevent chaos, stress and resentment, and suggested it might be more fair to distribute tickets to skaters and spectators in line at the beginning of a session, and then post a sold out sign so residents don’t have to wait on line just to be rejected.  

Parks & Rec Superintendent of Recreation Susan Snyder replied in an email Monday saying, “The rink has been trying to manage the issue since being made aware a few weeks ago.”

She said the sign about not holding places in line had been up for several weeks.

“Apparently, people are ignoring the sign and still cutting in front of those who are in line,” she said. “While I will ask the rink staff to improve the signage and verbally inform those on line, the public does need to take responsibility in following the rules and be considerate to others.”

Ms Snyder also clarified the rules. She said each youth skater may have one adult spectator accompany them, but that a family all could get into the rink if they were all skating, or if the number of adult spectators was equal to or less than the number of youth skaters, (for example, two or more children skating and two adult spectators.)

Click here for a complete list of Hamill Rink rules during Covid-19.