GHS Race Car Champ Ben Albano Lends Talent to Fresh Green Light in Greenwich

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By Matt Pignataro

With the last week of internship coming to a close, I decided to revisit the series on GHS interns in Town that Courtney and I launched with an article about interns at Greenwich Library and at Greenwich Police Headquarters earlier in our internships with Greenwich Free Press.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.14.41 AMThis week, while Courtney was at orientation at University of Vermont, I headed off to Fresh Green Light driving school to interview GHS Senior Ben Albano who some of you may know is a champion race car driver whose pet peeve is distracted driving.

Ben is involved with ProjectYellowLight, and, along with his brother Addison, Ben recently held a fundraiser at Grand Prix go-kart track in Mt. Kisco to increase awareness of the perils of distracted driving.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.26.12 AMUpon arriving at FGL I noticed while there were no students there, Ben was still working. I then asked Ben the questions we have asked all the other seniors.

First off why did you pick this internship? Ben said he chose this because he wanted to combine his passion for racing and cars with something that would help the youth

Next I asked him what are his tasks at the internship. Ben said that while he was doing some real intern stuff like organizing files and what not, he got to do some really cool things like make tutorial videos about how to perform various driving maneuvers like parallel parking and backing in to parking spots.

Overall Ben said he thoroughly enjoys his internship and he hopes he can make a connection to the youth drivers by adding a familiar GHS face to Fresh Green Light.

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Fresh Green Light driving school is located at 444 East Putnam Ave in Greenwich. Tel. (203) 861-1188 Fresh Green Light offers an 8 hour class and a 30 hour class. Also, DMV representatives conduct the road tests using FGL vehicles on a route within three miles of their facility. They can accommodate up to 15 students per road test date.  



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