OBERLANDER: School Teachers and Workers Provided a Lifeline to Students

Open letter to all teachers and school personnel submitted by Select Person Jill Oberlander

Dear Teachers and other School Workers,

Today, the Greenwich Public Schools gathers to honor the individuals awarded their 2020 and 2021 Distinguished Teachers Award. I congratulate these wonderful classroom teachers and thank them for their significant contributions.

I also write to recognize and thank each teacher, administrator, staff person, nurse, and others who worked tirelessly these past 14 months to safeguard and educate our community’s children – at every level and in every school setting, public to private, pre-school to high-school. 

We know from news reports, health data, and often our own personal experiences, that our nation’s children faced unprecedented challenges this past year – in education and in physical and emotional well-being. Each of you provided a lifeline to the students who relied on your showing up every day and providing needed stability, continuity, and personal connection.  Moreover, we asked you to continue to show up and put forth your “A-game” when your own lives were thrown off-balance, and you may have faced enormous challenges of your own. 

Your everyday efforts made, and continue to make, a real difference in the lives of our children (and the lives of their parents, friends and other family members). 

While not acknowledged as such, every day should be a “Teacher Appreciation Day.”  Let’s start with today and recognize the commitment all our school workers make to supporting and improving our children, community and country.

Jill Oberlander