BYO Greenwich Distributes Reusable Bags: Use Less Plastic, Pesticides and Pollutants

BYO Greenwich distributed reusable shopping bags to residents at local grocery stores over the weekend. The message printed on the bags said, “Use less plastic, pesticides and other pollutants. Protect our families, communities and the planet we share.”

Alexandra Bergstein, candidate for State Senate, joined the effort and free high-quality reusable bags made from recycled material were distributed in an effort to make residents aware of the new bag ordinance.

As of September 12, plastic checkout bags are no longer be available at business establishments operating in the Town of Greenwich. Bag exemptions include: Non checkout produce bags—such as those used to protect or contain dry cleaned garments, curbside newspapers, and wet or food items (e.g. produce, meat, fish, flowers, bulk foods, bread and cheese).

“Connecticut residents use more than 1 billion plastic bags a year and most of these end up in the ocean, decomposing into tiny micro-beads that are ingested by fish, and eventually by us,” Bergstein said.  “And beaches across the globe are littered with plastic pollution. This is entirely preventable if we start making small changes in our daily

Reusable bags are a good substitute for plastic and paper checkout bags at supermarkets and restaurants.

The plastic checkout bags cannot be co-mingled with other recyclable items because they gum up the single stream recycling machines.

BYO Greenwich raised this and other concerns about plastic checkout bags when the ordinance was brought before the RTM last spring. An outpouring of support from Greenwich High School students also helped drive passage of the ordinance.

Now BYO Greenwich is working with other towns across Connecticut to assist them in similar efforts.

“Alex has always been an advocate for a sustainable and healthy environment and a supporter of meaningful legislation that addresses plastic pollution,” said Jeanine Behr Getz of BYO Greenwich.

“We will continue to work together to protect our town assets for future generations,” said Claire Werner from BYO Greenwich.

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