Shark Tank Fan? Come to An Aging-Well Pitch Competition: New Inventions for Older Adults

The Aging 2.0 Local Greenwich Chapter is hosting a competition called New Inventions for Older Adults, to be held at The Nathaniel Witherell 70 Parsonage Rd. on Thursday, Sept 27 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Are you a Shark Tank fan?

Come and watch a selected group of five start-up innovators compete as they each make an eight minute presentation on stage to a panel of five expert judges.

Each competitor is learning how to sharpen their presentation to help them get the funding they need to turn their dreams into million dollar realities and potentially secure business deals that could make them a successful business entrepreneur.

Plus, while the Judges are sequestered, the audience will vote on the People’s Choice Award!

The future of the aging category is booming with opportunities, driving inventions and growth in entrepreneurial ventures. By the end of this decade, consumer spending by age 60-and-over adults will reach $15 trillion. It is a future full of advances in technology, healthcare and products like “Smart” jewelry and clothing, voice-activation, GPS, smartphone monitoring apps, medication trackers, social robotics, personal airbags, virtual reality experiences and AI-powered care.

The Aging-Well Pitch Competition will take place at the refurbished auditorium at The Nathaniel Witherell, a short-term rehab and skilled nursing center located on 24 beautiful acres, just two miles from downtown Greenwich.

The Nathaniel Witherell is a nonprofit facility, owned and operated by the Town of Greenwich, the only nursing home in Connecticut that is municipally owned.

This event is a collaboration of Aging2.0 Greenwich and the Greenwich Commission on Aging.

Expert Judges include Dr. Allison Ostroff. Dr. Ostroff, Director of Geriatric Medicine at the Stamford Hospital, Director of Geriatric Assessment Center and Medical Director of Sterling Care in Greenwich graduated from the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine with a Geriatrics Fellowship and her medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine.

Dr. Allison Ostroff is a board certified internist and geriatrician, caring for patients in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Her specialties include the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders, geriatric psychiatry, falls, delirium, medication management, family dynamics, end of life care and planning as one ages. Dr. Ostroff has been honored with the Samuel M. Bronfman Department of Medicine Advancing Clinical Excellence in Medicine (ACEM) grant.

Harriette Terbell, Venture Capitalist, CEO, Founder Terbell Partners, Ltd. Harriette co-invests in transactions that require operating improvements, business model redesign, strategic repositioning, etc.

Pre- and post-transaction, TPL provides management expertise and market focus to portfolio companies that need operating direction and support beyond financial engineering.

Lori Contadino, MS, Director, Town of Greenwich Commission on Aging.

With a Masters Degree in Gerentology as well as a degree in Thanatology, Lori has been an integral part of the local aging sector for the past 33 years. She previously served for 5 years as a gerentologist at the GADC River House and spent eight years as Manager of the Center for Healthy Aging at Greenwich Hospital.

Lori identifies needs of older adults, formulates plans and sets priorities. She is the driving force behind the process to get Greenwich officially certified by AARP as an Age and Dementia Friendly Community.

Tracy Chadwell, Founding Partner, 1843 Capital. Tracy is an attorney and earned her JD at Loyola University of Chicago. Tracy has over 19 years experience in venture capital and private equity. She has 6 years of experience investing in early stage companies with a female founder through her personal entity Coyote Capital. Tracy was a partner of a growth capital fund – Baker Capital which had more than $1 billion under management.

As a frequent speaker and startup competition judge, Tracy has developed a broad network in the female founder community. She is a member of Women in VC and Private Equity Women Investor Network. A trusted board member, she serves on the boards of Marstone and Sachs Insights.

Brian Geyser, APRN-BC, MSN. Brian is a Yale-trained nurse practitioner, serial entrepreneur and healthcare innovator.

He has 28 years of experience treating vulnerable populations and helping organizations and health systems improve their ability to care for patients. Brian is the founding ambassador for Aging2.0 New Haven and currently serves as the Vice President of Clinical Innovation and Population Health for both Maplewood and Inspir Senior Living.

Competition Host: Steven Katz, JD, MBA, LLM, MPH, CPA, CNC, CDP, FACHE

As the Ambassador of the local chapter of Aging2.0 Greenwich, Steven’s expertise lies in putting the vision, business structure, people, and processes in place to drive growth in healthcare and professional services organizations.

With his Master of Public Health and Health Care Management from Columbia University, Steven has experience across diverse industries with a powerful combination of business, financial, and legal knowledge. He is particularly effective in high-growth organizations and companies undergoing transformational change both from a financial, processes improvement and organizational cultural perspective.

About Aging2.0 Greenwich:
The Greenwich Chapter of Aging2.0 is part of a global network on a mission to improve
the lives of older adults around the world.

The goal for the Aging2.0 Local Greenwich Chapter is to create a robust ecosystem to connect, educate and support local entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, investors, professionals, senior care providers and older adults through community events, speakers, startup programs and content. This Chapter intends to use the global resources of the Aging2.0 network to bring new innovative ideas for successful aging from around the world to our local area and to connect local startups to resources and capital to further their growth and development.

By 2020, nearly 20% of Greenwich residents will be 65 or older, impacting housing, finances, health care, transportation, social inclusion, civic participation, buildings and outdoor spaces, leisure and more. Greenwich can become a model for other communities, as an incubator in all aspects of technology and the future of aging.

The Aging2.0 Greenwich Team, left to right: Adonis Filipo, Dr. Allison Ostroff, Lori Contadino, Susan Doyle, Ricki Bernstein, Steven Katz, Paul Doyle, Heather Keane.The Aging2.0 Greenwich Team,  left to right: Adonis Filipo, Dr. Allison Ostroff, Lori Contadino, Susan Doyle, Ricki Bernstein, Steven Katz, Paul Doyle, Heather Keane.

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