Repair Work on the Cos Cob Railroad Bridge Expected to Effect Marine Traffic in Cos Cob Harbor

Repair work on the Cos Cob railroad bridge is expected to effect marine traffic in Cos Cob harbor.

Due to continuation of work at Cos Cob Railroad Bridge, CT Dept of Transportation is requesting a temporary deviation to 33 CFR 117.209 which governs operation of the structure.

Proposed deviations are noted below:

The Moveable span will need an uninterrupted Marine outage from April 9 thru June 17, 2019 (with the exception of Memorial Day Weekend).

This outage will comprise of  five days of continuous outage (Monday 8:00am – Friday 4:00pm) and two days with 24 hours of advance notice (Friday 4:00pm – Monday 8:00am).

The movable span will return to normal operation for Memorial Day Weekend starting at 4:00 pm on Friday May 24 and resume complete closure at 8:00 am on Tuesday May 28.

The work consists of replacement of timber ties/miter rail and associated steel repair on Track 3.