Hazardous Engine Block Hauled from the Mianus River

This week Greenwich’s Harbor Master Ian MacMillan reports that Atlantic Marine assisted in removing a hazard from the Mianus River in Cos Cob.

According to MacMillan, an engine block had been an obstruction in the lower Mianus River below the railroad bridge (just SE of Cos Cob Park) for some time, causing a hazard to boaters and rowers alike.

The harbor master requested that the marine construction company, Atlantic Marine, remove the obstruction, which they did at no fee to the Town.

The actual hauling out of the obstruction took under an hour, but the project was long in the making.

“It took weeks to locate, mark and inspect it to figure out how to hook it up and then come back with a barge and crane to lift it out,” MacMillan said. “It was a process that took time.”

MacMillan was involved in having another hazard to boaters removed recently. In March, the remains of Tug Boat “Kevin B” were hauled out of Greenwich’s Water. Greenwich’s harbormaster Ian MacMillan said Patriot Marine removed the engine block, which took two divers four hours.

The  boat had sunk off the north end of Great Captain’s Island in 1954.

Before the fire, the wooden 85 ft tug boat that ran barges of sand and gravel up into Port Chester for Buchanan Marine.

Numerous boaters over the years have wrecked on it.

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