Greenwich Point at Low Tide Reveals a Sea of Organic Treasure


A Sea Fan washed ashore at Tod’s Point.

The Greenwich Free Press backdrop photo is set to Tod’s Point.  Tod’s, along with Byram Beach, are special places in Town that have the power to take us away from our daily grind.

A brisk walk around The Point can be very therapeutic, especially at low tide when you get to see what happens under the sea…by discovering all that Mother Nature left on the shore.

Sea Foam touched by the sun has pastel tones. Kind of looks like cappuccino foam. Credit: R. Zivic


tan shell

I would die to have a sweater in this print! Credit: R. Zivic

on the menu

This one reminds me of a seafood entree at a Greenwich Ave restaurant. Layers of good stuff! Credit: R. Zivic

Crying out for an ink well. Credit: R. Zivic

I wonder if this means anything in Japanese? Credit: R. Zivic

h shoe

Sometimes you play horseshoes on the beach…sometimes you find them. Credit: R. Zivic

A matching set. Credit: R. Zivic

You can hear the ocean with this shell…and maybe the guys at Garden Catering!Credit: R. Zivic

The Seaweed Monster! Credit: R. Zivic


A cluster of shells all huddled together. Credit: R. Zivic

Shell stuck in the sand. Credit: R. Zivic

A Sea Forest once covered by the high tide comes out of hiding. Credit: R. Zivic