Head to Tod’s Point, Sunday, 1/13 for the “Wildlife in Winter” Event at Innis Arden Cottage

On Sunday, January 13 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm the Friends of Greenwich Point are sponsoring the event “Wildlife in Winter” at the Innis Arden Cottage at Greenwich Point.

Meet a live chinchilla, turtle, owl and many more animals during this exciting program!

Live animal presentations are at 1:15pm and 2:00pm.

The Stamford Museum & Nature Center will uncover how different types of animals, such as reptiles, birds and mammals, adapt to survive the winter freeze, and how some migrate to beat the cold.

For more information, please email the Friends of Greenwich Point Education Committee at [email protected].

The mission of the Friends of Greenwich Point is to act as an advocate for Greenwich Point. They are a non-profit committed to responsible stewardship and public education to preserve and enhance Greenwich Point’s diverse natural environments and beauty; to safe and appropriate recreation; and to the maintenance of its facilities. The Friends of Greenwich Point initiates and carries out projects related to the organization’s mission, complementing the efforts and resources of the town.