Greenwich and Port Chester High School Students are “Youth Feeding Youth”

Last weekend, Youth Feeding Youth, a new organization within Don Bosco Community Center in Port Chester, thanked Garden Catering for the 1,800 meals donated to Port Chester youth impacted by food insecurity during Covid-19.

Garden Catering has been extremely generous with their donation of 1800 meals over Covid-19,  in addition to their Nugs not Hugs campaign supporting frontline and essential employees.

The meals donated to Port Chester families came at a time of uncertainty for many, and it is beneficial to have a reliable source of food during this situation.

Food security is the ability to financially, socially, and physically access safe and nutritious food. The issue of food insecurity has been magnified over the course of this year due to the financial impacts of Covid-19. Now more than ever, reaching out into the community to help others is crucial.

Youth Feeding Youth Organization hopes to relieve those experiencing food insecurity and help support those struggling with this issue. Their mission is to provide healthy, affordable food options to the youth of Port Chester, while also spreading awareness of their quest for innovation with the issue of food security.

The organization is made up of Greenwich and Port Chester high school students working together towards a common goal. The Youth Feeding Youth volunteers hope to help other students fighting food insecurity  The variety of schools they attend allows them access to many school communities to get involved.

Co-Founder and Greenwich High School senior Daniella Lukes has been working with Don Bosco Community Center for the past five years and is thrilled to further support them in a new way.

“I have formed so many bonds with the children at Don Bosco, and knowing that they may struggle with food security is heartbreaking,” she said. “For the past five years I have been helping them in any way I can, and starting Youth Feeding Youth takes it to the next level.”

Lukes explained how Youth Feeding Youth is unique as it is centered around youth taking their own action against food insecurity to help their peers.

The youth are looking to learn ways they can help make a difference in their community with food security and hunger relief.

Lukes is excited to have this opportunity to give back to the Port Chester community and hopes Youth Feeding Youth can continue to grow as an organization.