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Greenwich Reform Synagogue: Fighting Antisemitism Wherever it Appears

“We are grateful to live in a town with such a vibrant and outspoken Jewish community and are recommitting ourselves, as leaders of the community, to support Greenwich public school educators and administrators as they work to educate for understanding, critical thinking, and inclusiveness.  Greenwich’s taxpayer-funded institutions cannot tolerate, allow, or harbor antisemitic rhetoric, incidents or sentiments of any kind.” – Rabbi Jordie Gerson, Cantor Michelle Rubin, and the Officers of the Greenwich Reform Synagogue  Continue Reading →

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“Stand with Israel Rally” Draws Hundreds to Greenwich Town Hall

“This war is personal for many of us. Two of my cousins are on their way to the front right now. I am sure that if I asked for a show of hands that almost all of you would have some personal connection in grief and rage.” – US Senator for CT Richard Blumenthal Continue Reading →

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