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Sheila and Lex Make a Pit Stop at Pet Pantry

The Pit Stop rescue crew were at Pet Pantry in Greenwich on Saturday with two rescue dogs available for adoption. Lex most outstanding trait, aside from loving people and wanting a companion, is his calm nature. Sheila was hit and dragged by a car, but she has healed up and her personality has blossomed. Both are described as “bombproof” by their rescuers. Continue Reading →

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At Pet Pantry, “Pit Stop,” a New Dog Rescue Group, Has Its Inaugural Adoption Event

Three lucky dogs made it out of municipal shelters and into the arms of volunteers with “Pit Stop,” a newly formed group run by long time rescuers in Greenwich and Stamford. Their first adoption event was at Pet Pantry in Greenwich on Saturday, and and Hazel, Holly and Merle made a lot of friends and drew multiple applications for adoption. Continue Reading →

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