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John Blankley’s Statement on Orlando and UK Shootings

Submitted by John Blankley in response to the Orlando and UK Shootings, June 16, 2o16

The news of the massacre in Florida last weekend and the news today from the UK makes me even more determined to ensure that we enact even stronger gun safety laws. I did not know Jo Cox, the MP killed today in the UK in an act of senseless violence but I feel compelled to comment because she was the MP for the district where I grew up in the North of England. It is sad but true that even the strictest laws, which the UK has, will not ultimately stop a determined assassin. Nevertheless we must make every effort to quell gun violence as an expression of political and religious hatred. I will add my voice to the efforts of our Congressional delegation, especially those of Senator Murphy, to pass sensible gun safety laws. Continue Reading →

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Stephanie Paulmeno: Will Orlando Massacre Wake Us up from Our National Apathy?

“I was a child of gun violence in my own home at the age of six. I can still see my father’s bloody handprints along the walls to my bedroom where he made his way to shut our door. It has left an indelible imprint on me and on my views, as it will on all the secondary victims of each of the bloody massacres we continue to have while so many of us remain inactive and on the sidelines, yet I still support second amendment rights. What I cannot support nor condone is the right of any private citizen to arm themselves with assault weapons, “cop-killer” bullets or to use high-capacity magazines that allow them to kill multitudes of people within seconds.” – Stephanie Paulmeno, MS, RN, NHA, CPH, CDP, CCM, CEO, Global Health Systems Consultants, LLC Continue Reading →

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Joint Prayer Vigil at First Congregational Church of Greenwich

On Monday, June 13, at 7:00pm, in the sanctuary of First Congregational Church of Greenwich, all in the community are invited to come together in silence, song, and word to remember that no matter what your religion or belief is, God stands on the side of love, hope, and justice, and that God most surely stands with the community of Orlando and our LGBTQI sisters and brothers. Continue Reading →

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