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PAULMENO: In 2019 the World Health Organization Declared 2020 The Year of the Nurse. How True.

“Nurses and other healthcare workers are operating under conditions being described as warlike.” – Stephanie Paulmeno is President of the CT Nurses Association and Chairman of The Patient is U Foundation Continue Reading →

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Tackling Opioid Epidemic: Legislators Mull Pharmacy Blister Packs, Mandated Secure Boxes

Monday’s legislative breakfast at UConn Stamford held by Communities 4 Action featured members from New Canaan, Darien, Stamford and Greenwich. Mayor Martin who lost his wife to cancer recently, said, IIf you think extra strength Tylenol is going to end cancer pain, then you’re confused. She was taking narcotics. She took less than what she was prescribed. But without it her pain and lack of joy would have been very difficult in her last couple of months.” Continue Reading →

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GHS School Resource Officer Franco Shares What the Kids Are Up To: Vaping THC Extracts

During the Communities 4 Action legislative breakfast., Greenwich Police Officer Carlos Franco and Lt. Kraig Gray talked about the increasing popularity of vaping. One popular vaping device that students fill with oil containing THC, looks like a thumb drive and students plug it them into their computers to charge them. Continue Reading →

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Frank Talk on Overdose Awareness: Gov Malloy Joins Local Officials and a Recovering Addict

At a press conference Gov. Malloy described opioid addiction as a gigantic problem. A 24-year old who began experimenting with prescription drugs as a teen described a path to heroin addiction, homelessness, imprisonment and ultimately recovery.
Dr. Alan Barry of Greenwich Social Services warned that medicine cabinets full of opioid prescriptions are “a candy store for children.” Continue Reading →

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Communities 4 Action Presents Leslie Yager with Media Champion Award

Leslie Yager, founder and editor of Greenwich Free Press, received the Media Champion Award from the board of Communities 4 Action (C4A) on Monday for her outstanding work in journalism and dedication to covering issues of public health and safety in the Greenwich area. Continue Reading →

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Stephanie Paulmeno: Will Orlando Massacre Wake Us up from Our National Apathy?

“I was a child of gun violence in my own home at the age of six. I can still see my father’s bloody handprints along the walls to my bedroom where he made his way to shut our door. It has left an indelible imprint on me and on my views, as it will on all the secondary victims of each of the bloody massacres we continue to have while so many of us remain inactive and on the sidelines, yet I still support second amendment rights. What I cannot support nor condone is the right of any private citizen to arm themselves with assault weapons, “cop-killer” bullets or to use high-capacity magazines that allow them to kill multitudes of people within seconds.” – Stephanie Paulmeno, MS, RN, NHA, CPH, CDP, CCM, CEO, Global Health Systems Consultants, LLC Continue Reading →

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Battling E-cigarettes and Empowering Teens, Communities 4 Action Soars

E-cigarettes, which indeed contain nicotine, are glamorized to target teen consumers, according to Communities 4 Action (C4A) Executive Director Ingrid Gillespie and Chairman Stephanie Paulmeno. The two spoke at length about C4A’s capacity and collaboration building, teen empowerment engagements, and educational prevention initiatives. Continue Reading →

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Paulmeno: Oberlander Has Facts, Not Sound Bites

“Oberlander’s professional background is relevant to Greenwich and the State and includes transportation, financial analysis, environmental impact, and rebuilding and revitalizing communities.” – Stephanie Paulmeno, A resident and small business owner in Old Greenwich,
Former candidate for the 150th District Continue Reading →

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