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JILL KELLY: Republicans, vote for candidates who collaborate in a civilized respectful manner and know how to get things done

“I believe everyone has good in them, but there are just a few who are misguided. Some of those misguided people are running the Greenwich Republican Party at this time. It’s their way or the highway, and they are strongly trying to push a national agenda on our town, which most of us do not want.” – Jill Kelly Continue Reading →

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Coach Kelly Kicks Off Campaign for Selectman at Milbrook Club with Passion

“They talk about how they want to tax the wealthy more. Let’s put them to the challenge and prove it doesn’t have to Bernie Sanders Socialism to get things accomplished. Let’s prove we can work together with those who have and those who have-not to fix things. Ray Dalio says capitalism is broken. Let’s be an example of how it we can work together and fix it. Capitalism works. Socialism is not the route forward. Capitalism works and and what better Town to lead than Greenwich?” – Joe Kelly, Republican candidate for the Board of Selectman Continue Reading →

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