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Rock’s Wine & Spirits: Ushering in a New Generation in Chickahominy

Alex Rocco might just be the youngest liquor store owner in town. At 25, Rocco said his goal was to open his first business before turning 25, and he made it. By four days! Rocks Wine & Spirits, at 140 Hamilton Avenue in Chickahominy opened in March 2023 and has become a hit. The name of the store is a play on words, many words. Continue Reading →

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Chickahominy Mom Circulates Petition to Draw Attention to Traffic Safety Concerns at Hamilton Avenue School

A petition is circulating on paper and online to seek police enforcement or a change in the pick-up/drop-off pattern at Hamilton Avenue School. Petitioners say cars and trucks cross the double yellow line as traffic snarls and children fill the crosswalk. Continue Reading →

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