8-30g Affordable Housing Proposal Would Feature 10 Residential Units, No Commercial Use

A new pre application has been submitted under the state affordable housing statute 8-30g to to Greenwich Planning & Zoning.

The applicant is 177 Hamilton LLC, which is registered to Joseph A. Pecora. The property is 15 Grand Street / 177 Hamilton Avenue.

The attorney on the project is Bruce Cohen, who is involved with other 8-30g proposals including representing Mr. Pecora for his 5 Brookridge development and representing neighbors opposed to J Lofts West at 240 Greenwich Ave.

According to the narrative, the property was originally created as Lot #15 of a 27-lot subdivision known as “Highland Park,” laid out on Map #244 recorded on the Greenwich Land Records in 1905.

The property is located in the LBR-2 zone. It is a corner lot fronting on Hamilton Avenue and Grand Street.

To the north, the property abuts a mixed-use development containing both commercial and residential uses, and to the east the site abuts a three-family residential property located in the R-6 zone.

The subject site was previously owner-occupied by the Pastore family, who owned the property for many years.

The site today features a 3,477 sq ft two-family dwelling containing a one-bedroom and one-bathroom unit and a four-bedroom, two-bathroom unit, and a 1,736 sq ft retail food establishment, home to “Garden Catering,” owned by Frank and Tina Carpenteri.

Many in Greenwich will remember there was an electrical fire in the Garden Catering catering kitchen on Dec 31, 2014. The business reopened in March 2016 after a major renovation.

The site is served by public sewer and water.

The applicant proposes to demolish the existing buildings and construct a 4-story building with 10 apartments, three of which would be affordable per 8-30g; 11 parking spaces (including one handicap space), and other associated site improvements such as drainage infrastructure, landscaping, and site lighting.

In total, the project will include 11,368 sq ft of floor area, which will result in a proposed floor area ratio (FAR) of 1.56.

“While the applicant believes a commercial use on the ground floor would be appropriate for this neighborhood, the Commission has determined that in order to have a mixed use 8-30g development the non-residential portion of the project must comply with the underlying zoning requirements,” the applicant said in his narrative.

In other words, the commission has said it is alright to include a commercial in an 8-30g, that use must comply with the underlying zoning. Only the residential portion falls under 8-30g, and allows the developer to ignore local zoning.

That said, the applicant’s narrative says that while it would be possible to have a one-story commercial use with a five foot setback from Grand Street, town regulations and existing conditions require a minimum street-side yard setback of 9 feet to to match the site’s existing non-conforming condition. Based on this, the the applicant is proposing a 100% residential building and no commercial use.

The applicant requests the pre-application be scheduled for the first available public meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission.

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