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RTM Approval of $500K CTCL Grant in Jeopardy after Claims Votes Weren’t Counted

The vote to approve the grant passed with a total of 210 votes – 104 in favor, 101 against and 5 abstentions.
After the announcement of the vote, there was a bit of a kerfuffle and members interrupted the moderator during discussion of item 11 to say some people believed their votes had not been counted. Continue Reading →

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Newcomers Complete Their Rout of RTC with March 1 Primary in District 1

In their daily e-blast Wednesday morning, Greenwich Patriots wrote, “It’s still a couple weeks away from the official day when the new members take the helm of the RTC, but we are eager to hear what’s in store — their strategy, mission and principles will hopefully reflect the intoxicating energy coming from the new members, and their traditional conservative principles and values.  We can’t wait to learn more!” Continue Reading →

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Out-Of-Town Drivers Cited for Aggressive Driving on Greenwich Ave during RTM SOMR Testimony on Restoring Officers to Directing Traffic

During testimony on a RTM SOMR to restore police officers to direct traffic on Greenwich Ave, residents pointed to New Yorkers speeding and disobeying traffic rules, as well as a resurgence in skateboarding on the Avenue. Continue Reading →

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