GHS Students Win Big at the CT Debate League Competition

The debate is resolved! The United States should expand and modernize its nuclear arsenal.

The Connecticut Debate League had 360 debaters from 29 schools in attendance at its recent tournaments at AITE and Seymour High School on Saturday, Oct 14, 2017.

To make it to the final round Sarah Xu and Shobhita Sundaram had to win all three of their debates. After winning all three rounds, the two teams with the highest number of points advance to the final round.

The topic for the October debate was: The United States should expand and modernize its nuclear arsenal.

“This was a very timely debate with the multiple provocations from North Korea. At our weekly meetings we are always exploring current events as all of our debaters are reading the newspaper and watching the news,” the girl’s coach said. “Shobhita and Sarah won this debate because they seamlessly constructed their arguments with their prior knowledge from all of their AP history courses.”

“When I was a freshman, I would watch the final debate and think that I could never be one of the people up there,” Sarah said. “It’s amazing that in the first debate of my senior year, we were not only in the final debate but ended up winning it.”