Anne Wichman: Vote Bernstein and Keep Politics out of Our Education System

Letter to the editor received from Anne Wichman, Oct 23, 2017

To the Editor:

As a retired teacher from the Greenwich Public Schools, a ten-year RTM Representative, and a delegate to the RTM Education Committee, I have gotten to know members of the Board of Education.

Peter Bernstein is an incumbent running for the Board of Education. He is a highly intelligent lawyer who has been an asset to the Board of Education. He brings dedication, a real understanding of the law, and a culture of ethics to that body. I urge the voters of Greenwich to vote for Peter Bernstein.

Our Board of Education has always been non-partisan. As such, members discuss items until a conclusion is reached. Mr. Bernstein believes that it is in the interest of our students to keep politics out of our education system.

He is determined to see that all our children are given the best possible opportunities for an outstanding education.

As a former educator, I wholeheartedly support the election of Peter Bernstein, who will continue to bring thoughtfulness, wisdom, experience, and above all, integrity to the Board of Education.