Fun Times in the GHS Parking Lot: Not!

Parking woes at GHS are nothing new, but they’ve recently been ratcheted up notch as a result of construction. GHS Headmaster, Chris Winters, sent out the email below explaining the shortage of student parking and the school’s attempt to fairly distribute parking permits for the limited spots available.

Even Winters admits, “the parking situation stinks.”

Greenwich Free Press has heard from seniors who feel parking permits were distributed unfairly, with at least one permit  appropriated to a student who lives a stone’s throw from campus, and others distributed to students still on their learners permits.

One tipster indicated that students are going home during lunch and returning with their cars once spots free up in the afternoon.

Lastly, one student emailed Greenwich Free Press to say that lucky permit holders are selling their golden tickets to high bidders.

What will a student with an after-school job do if his/her parents work and can’t drive them? Hire a driver? Take public transportation?

From: Chris Winters [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 12:00 PM
To: Greenwich High School Recipients
Subject: Parking and seniors

Dear Seniors,

1. Many who won a spring permit have NOT picked up your permit. We are giving you until WEDNESDAY February 5 at 2:30 to pick up your permit. After that, we will start giving permits away to the next person on the list.

2. All seniors who had a fall permit were assigned a number in the spring lottery. There is no need for additional lotteries. If we have extra permits to give out, we’ll start with #111 and go from there.

3. I know the parking situation stinks. If you didn’t get a permit, you have every right to be very disappointed.

4. I, as Headmaster, made all parking decisions. If you want to vent to someone, I’m your man. Other staff members are just carrying out the decisions I made.

Thank you,
Dr. Winters

Parking Information and ProceduresThe GHS website spells out the terms of the parking permit lottery with an eye to fairness. The execution of the lottery may be a different story.