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Perloe: Mary Hegarty will be positive force in increasing voter participation, including teens

“The Registrar of Voters can and should be more than just faithfully fulfilling the administrative responsibilities of the position. It can be a positive force in increasing voter participation. Mary Hegarty has some great ideas for how to do that, including getting teens involved in the political process early on by working at the polls on Election Day.” – Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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Letter: Why Aren’t We Angrier?

“Why aren’t we angrier? The country’s basest instincts are winning. Trump is poised to abolish civil rights, threaten our national parks, close our borders, weaken our constitution, destroy our global relationships, cancel same-sex marriage and erase reproductive autonomy for women. My grandparents did not emigrate from Europe a century ago to surrender to neo-Nazis in this country.” – Diane Tunick Morello Continue Reading →

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