Greenwich Police Offer Back-to-School Tips for Safety on the Roads

The 2017-2018 school year is here, and the Greenwich Police Department wants to
remind everyone to make it a safe driving school year.

The first day of school for 6th and 9th grader is Wednesday, August 30, 2017 and the first day for all students will be on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Children will once again be walking to school through neighborhoods, waiting at bus stops and being dropped off at schools by parents and buses.

Additionally, young drivers will be on the road driving to high school for the first time. Motorists are reminded that with all the distractions on the road today, it is critical to slow down and be aware of your surroundings. The beginning of the school year is an especially important time to check your driving behavior and ensure you are practicing the safest driving habits.

Traffic backs up on Putnam Avenue during drop off at Greenwich High School. Photo: Leslie Yager

Traffic backs up on Putnam Avenue during drop off at Greenwich High School. File Photo: Leslie Yager

• The new school year is extremely busy on the roadways, so please plan ahead, leave your home earlier than normal to allow enough time to reach your destination and
don’t rush.

• Obey all traffic laws.

• Stop at all stop signs, obey all speed limits, yield to all pedestrians in a crosswalk and obey all crossing guards and student safety patrols.

• Remember that it is illegal to proceed around a school bus with the stop sign arm engaged. Please be patient as children enter and exit school buses.

• When entering a school zone, slow down to 20 mph and be extra alert for children on foot and bicycles.

• Follow each school’s traffic and parking plan. Following the school’s parking plan and following the appropriate parking signage creates another level of safety for everyone near the school. If you have questions or want more information on your school’s traffic and parking plan, please contact your school.

High school parents are requested to follow the directions of school staff as to
where you should go to drop off students as there is a completely new area and
pattern due to the recently completed construction and new construction at the
High School.

Please do not drop off students on Hillside Road (Greenwich High School) northbound. This is an unsafe act and is in violation of Connecticut State Statue.

Most Schools do not allow parents to park or leave their vehicles unattended in any
of the established drop off/pick up patterns.

As a reminder, Connecticut bans the use of all hand-held devices while driving in Connecticut as well as texting while driving. Only hands-free technology such as speakerphones, Bluetooth and headsets are permitted.

Additionally, those walking and riding bikes to school should follow basic safety habits such as walking on sidewalks, crossing the street at intersections and looking both ways before crossing. Bicyclists should wear a helmet, reflective clothing and stay on sidewalks when available.

Members of the Greenwich Police Department will be providing enhanced education and enforcement patrols around schools during the opening weeks of the school year. Please remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to make safety a priority.

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