GPD: GHS Parents Must Drop Off and Pick up Students at the BACK of School, By the Gym


Some of the visitor parking on Hillside Road has been eliminated to improve sight lines.

People returning to GHS next week will notice some changes. Some of the visitor parking spots in front of Greenwich High School were eliminated over the summer.

The re-striping was not in response to the Parking Services request to codify student parking on Hillside. That remains unresolved.

Rather, spots on either side of entrances and exits were striped yellow to improve sight lines for cars and buses coming in and out of the driveways and bus loop.  For that approval, former GHS headmaster Dr. Winters went before the Planning & Zoning Commission.

This newest striping is in addition to last January when the town re-striped the double yellow line on Hillside Rd several feet to the east.

Last winter, the Board of Selectmen were asked by GPD Captain Mark Kordick  to codify student parking on Hillside Ave.  Kordick, who was supervising Parking Service Dept at the time, had noticed that student parking was never written into town code.

When neighbors turned out to oppose the student parking, complaining that it resulted in gridlock with parents double-parking, blocking their driveways, and their inability park on the street where they live, the Selectmen declined to codify the student parking.

Instead they created a committee to study the issue. The committee included the GHS headmaster, GHS security, and Hillside Rd neighbors. They presented their report in June and it was agreed a consultant would be hired in the fall.

With the start of school just days away, Greenwich Police issued a statement reminding the GHS community of parking, drop-off and pick-up procedures.

The Planning & Zoning Commission approved Dr. Winters proposal to eliminate parking spaces on Hillside Ave to increase sight lines. The results is room for about a dozen fewer cars to park. Aug 23, 2018 Photo: Leslie Yager

Yellow stripes indicate no parking along Hillside Road outside the bus loop exit.

On Wednesday the vistor parking spots said “Visitor Parking Ten Minutes.” On Thursday they were replaced with signs saying “Visitor Parking.

GHS starts school at 8:30am and dismiss at 3:15pm.

The statement from Greenwich Police says parent drop-off will be in the back of the school, and that parents will be directed to enter GHS through the main entrance, drive behind the building and drop off students by the gym.

Greenwich Police will assist in directing traffic.

The statement instructs parents not to drop students off in the street, in neighbors’ driveways, or in other entrances to GHS.

For parents’ convenience, students may be dropped off at 7:15am, but they will be minimally supervised until security and other school personnel arrive at 8:00.

Parent pick-up after school will also be in the BACK of the school.

Parents will be directed to enter GHS through the main entrance, drive behind the building and pick up students by the gym. Greenwich Police will assist in directing traffic.

Student Parking – There is no student parking on Thursday, Aug 30 through Wednesday, September 5.

Starting Thursday, September 6, parking will be for seniors only and will require a permit.

Now there is room for just three cars on Hillside opposite the bus loop.

There is short-term visitor parking located in the front circle designated by signage.

Also, the town will designate visitor parking in front of Field 5. Spaces will be marked with the letter V.

As of Thursday morning the spots had yet to be marked. Workers said a stencil of a “V” had been ordered.

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